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The mission of the Hickok Center for Brain Injury is to provide a safe, supportive environment that encourages people with brain injuries and other neurological challenges to design and direct their own life journey. If you or somebody you love is a survivor of a brain injury then the Hickok Center for Brain Injury may be for you.

The Hickok Center for Brain Injury, Inc. was incorporated in Rochester, New York in 1989 as the Rochester Foundation for Persons with Brain Injury, Inc., with the goal of starting a Center for people with brain injuries. By April of 1996, the Ray Hickok Center, a program of the Rochester Foundation for Persons with Brain Injury, began to admit members to the French Road location. In 2001, the Center moved to a small space in Village Gate Square. The name was officially changed to the Hickok Center for Brain Injury, Inc. in 2002. As the number of members increased, the center again moved to a larger space at Village Gate in 2003. Again in 2005, the center expanded, leasing additional space at Village Gate.

In April of 2006, that goal of owning their own building became a reality. The center purchased a building on 114 South Union Street in Rochester, NY.

Currently, the Hickok Center for Brain Injury provides the following services:

• Service Coordination
• Structured Day
• Managed Care
• Long-term Care
• Community Integration Counseling
• Supported Employment services

Through the dedication of members, staff, volunteers, the Board of Directors and all of their supporters, the Hickok Center for Brain Injury will continue to provide a place where people with brain injuries are encouraged to meet their life goals in a safe, supportive and respectful way.

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Child Care Council is one of the leading child care referral agencies in the country, according to the Child Care Aware® national accreditation organization. We provide information, training, and resources to parents, child care providers, and businesses in Monroe, Livingston and Wayne counties.

The Council is the premier resource for:

Parents, who face the difficult challenge of leaving their children in child care. We provide free referrals to help parents make the best child care choice for their family, with invaluable information about quality, regulations, and the cost of care.

Providers and early childhood educators, who receive our unmatched training and education programs. Our training courses, community programs and important licensing information help child care providers and early educators offer the highest-quality care.

Businesses, who can offer free child care referrals to their employees, as a workforce benefit. The average American working parent misses between 5-9 days of work each year due to issues with child care − costing U.S. businesses $3 biIIion annually.

– Entrepreneurs, who want to start their own child care business. We have former child care business owners on staff who can help guide those interested in launching and running a business.

Coordinated services to support child care programs include a professional library, free notary public, and fingerprinting waivers. The Council also provides reduced-cost printing and business services and operates a retail store that sells scrap materials and over-run goods donated by area businesses, such as paper, foam and wood scraps, and discontinued items like fabric, carpeting, and wallpaper.

Child Care Council is a member of Child Care AwareThe Early Care and Learning Council, the New York Statewide Breastfeeding Coalition, and The New York State Pollution Prevention Institute.

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Walk into our waiting room on a Saturday morning or weekday afternoon and you'll hear the sound of music, of dance shoes, of laughter. You'll see tiny ballerinas in pink tights bounding up to the Dance Studios, orchestra students of all sizes with violin cases--or flutes, or tubas--and people of all ages peeking through the window of our Music Lab eager to check out what's displayed on the flat screen. You'll notice people from all backgrounds, from everywhere in our community, plunking down on couches and getting to know each other as they wait for a lesson to finish.

At Hochstein, our mission is simple: to provide excellent music and dance instruction to anyone who is interested - regardless of age, level of skill, background, or ability to pay. We aim to nurture and inspire each individual, and to welcome all to our community of musicians, dancers, and audiences.

Every day, our students take part in a journey of learning from a richly talented, experienced faculty. Sharing this journey with you is what we're all about.


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Established in 1994, Hope Hall School provides an opportunity for “at-risk” or “educationally stranded” children to become successful lifelong learners. Serving students in grades 3 through 12 from 19 school districts in the Greater Rochester Area, Hope Hall’s nurturing, non-threatening, creative atmosphere encourages students to take risks in learning and helps them reverse the cycle of academic failure. Hope Hall’s collaborative approach to learning connects faculty, staff and families as team members in a community of learning. Students previously considered to be educationally “at risk” experience academic success, not only at Hope Hall, but also in high school and beyond.

Hope Hall School is a private, non-sectarian, not-for-profit school designed for students with special learning needs who consistently experience frustration in the traditional classroom setting. Hope Hall is committed to the belief that when students are given respect and enough time in a supportive, multi-sensory learning environment, they can become successful learners.