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We understand how busy it can be to run a company, and that’s why we’ve designed benefit solutions to be simple and effective. When you need to protect your employees with quality benefits they’ll appreciate.

You carefully manage every dollar as you try to run your company. Decisions are hard to make, especially knowing they not only affect you, but your employees and their families. That’s where voluntary benefits can help. We provide benefit solutions that are both simple and effective. It's our goal to help your business grow as well as take care of your workers.

Below are some of the types of supplemental insurance coverage you can offer your employees. Benefits for these types of plans are paid directly to the employee unless they specify otherwise. Most benefits are paid regardless of coverage you may have with other insurance companies.

Accident Insurance

Covers an employee if they get hurt on or off the job because the carrier will pay you cash for broken bones, dislocations, cuts, etc. This means that an employee could have money to pay for ER co-pays and deductibles and the real benefit to that employees can use the money for whatever you need it for.

Disability Insurance

If your workers are working because they need a paycheck then they must supplemental disability coverage because everything they have depends on their ability to go to work to pay for things they have. Helping an employee protect their paycheck helps you. Employees who are better able to meet their minimum financial needs while on disability are better able to focus on getting well and are more likely to return to work.


A cancer policy will cover an employee upon diagnosis of cancer and assist them with the unexpected costs that occur as they receive treatment.

Life Insurance

Enables your employees to tailor their coverage for their individual needs and helps provide financial security for their family members.