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With NRA Carry Guard being shut down in New York there is a concerning issue that many members have self defense coverage. We have found a solution to this issue that fills this gap of need for members at the club.

The membership provides coverage in the following circumstances that self defense with a registered firearm us used or brandished:

• Criminal defense

• Civil defense

• Bail fees

• Counseling

• Private investigation fees

• Work loss

There are memberships for individuals with:

• Conceal and carry permits or those who are LEOSA certified.

• Registered gun owners and family members under 18 for home defense situations.

If someone had to use their firearm to protect themselves or their family, it is our mission to make sure that their assets would not be put in jeopardy.

Plans start at as low as $149 per year.

Please reach out with to us with any questions you may have concerning self defense protection.

Contact Mike Hall

Phone: 585-427-0054

Email: mhall@lavorogroup.com