Lavoro Group's Sexual Harassment Prevention Interactive Training

Lavoro Group now provides a solution for Sexual Harassment Prevention training.

While many New York State employers will be content using the state-provided materials for sexual harassment prevention training, there remains a burden on all New York State employers to create an internal process for the administration and tracking of each employee's annual training. How will you prove to the state that you provided your employees with training that was both timely and compliant? Also, just as importantly, how will you demonstrate that each of your employees understood the training? Lavoro Group's Sexual Harassment Prevention Interactive Training not only provides you with compliant training that meets and exceeds state requirements, but we also provide you with reporting that shows you who at your company completed the training, when they completed it, and whether they understood the training.

Our robust reporting capabilities ensure that you have permanent record that you provided all employees with their annual training

More information about our sexual harassment prevention training module:

• Your HR department will have peace of mind knowing that this important training is being completed annually (and for new hires) in a simplified and compliant way.

• You choose when to assign your employees the task of completing their Sexual Harassment Prevention training.

• You can easily review your employee's progress and immediately address employees who have not completed or started their training.

• After each lesson, employees answer questions demonstrating they understood the training.

• You can assign employees the task of reviewing content related to sexual harassment prevention as it is updated by NYS.



• 1-10 employees is $250 annually

• 10-25 employees is $600 annually

• 25-50 employees is $1200 annually (or semiannual installments of $700)

• 50-100 employees is $1800 annually (or semiannual installments of $1000)

• 100-200 employees is $3000 annually (or semiannual installments of $1600)

• Over 200 ask for quote

In-person training is available for a fee. Contact your benefit consultant or service person for additional information.

Semiannually installments are due January 1st and June 1st